"At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that
the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love"

Che Guevara



We love Gunite.  We love the process and we love the end product.  We love the smell of a rich mix running through the gun.  Our crew leaves every job smiling. 

It is our mission to provide the best possible product to our builders so that they may present to their clients a pool that is built to last, to stand the test of time and weather all storms.

The pool shell is a vessel meant to contain water.  It is a critical component in the design and function of the finished product.  Our shells hold water.

We aim to aid our builders in providing us with a properly excavated and formed job site.  We make suggestions about steel placement to ensure that their staff or subs are conveying us with a product ready for gunite.  It is a team effort and our responsibility as the last player in the game is to be sure the other team members did their job well and to modern standards.  Our crew is positioned to make corrections where needed, in pipe, steel or dirt.

A pool builder should never have to modify a shell with a saw or hammer, and we leave a tile ready pool, no matter how complicated.

In short, we love Gunite.  We love our builders and we love our job.




The Revolution is to change the standards that the pool industry has been plagued with for decades.  We aim to raise the bar in all areas of the Gunite process. 

The gunite industry has been known to deliver mysteriously high quantities of materials.  Our drivers deliver exact quantities of materials metered by our manufacturer calibrated batch trucks, so that the builder only pays for what comes off the truck and no more.  Each of our batch trucks prints a computer generated ticket for the quantity of material which is handed to the builder’s superintendent on site.

We operate with an ACI Certified Nozzleman, the only certified Dry Mix nozzleman in NC.  We believe that any gunite crew, especially a pool crew, should have a certified nozzleman.  We follow all best practices prescribed by the American Concrete Institute and the American Shotcrete Association and even the highest standards of the Genesis 3 Design Group. 

Our base mix design has been engineered and tested to meet a minimum of 5,000 psi.  We offer enhanced mix designs as well as the traditional mix.  We know, by meter, our water:cement ratio and we ensure that the end product is installed as it was intended to be and not watered down, nor placed too dry.

The pool industry has fought water penetration and efflorescence since its beginning.  We offer solutions for these problems.

Our aim is to change the way Gunite is perceived, by changing the way it is prepared, delivered and installed.  We are in the wake of a mess and we aim to prove that Gunite is the best method available for building pool shells.


“Everyone thinks of changing the world,
but no one thinks of changing himself.”


Leo Tolstoy


Gunite (Dry-mix Shotcrete) and Shotcrete (Wet-mix Shotcrete) are both great methods to apply a mix design.  At the end of the day, if both are done well, they are both just great concrete and the best possible method of building a swimming pool.

We prefer the dry-mix method.   We also prefer the traditional namesake, Gunite, though we recognize the formal name given to the method by the ACI & ASA, Dry-mix Shotcrete, as the actual name of the process.

The advantages of Gunite for a pool shell are as follows:

1)     The material quality is consistent.

2)     The water:cement ratio is kept down to enhance strength.

3)     If a water adjustment is needed, it’s done at the nozzle for complete control of the mix.

4)     The material is never “cooking” in the truck due to scheduling problems, equipment problems or installation problems.

5)     If a gun (the delivery mechanism) goes down, we just pull another one off the truck and keep going.  No material is getting watered down to get it through the hoses.

6)     The jobsite is always calm, as there is no fire drill when material isn’t cooking in pumps or hoses.


Top 10 reasons for Choosing Revolution Gunite

1) A known strength, 5,000 minimum psi. Tested by our engineering firm.
(if you want a different strength, we can design one for you).

2) Quality control from excellent equipment and people that care.

3) Low water:cement ratio
(more consistence and higher strength)

4) Reliable equipment

5) A nozzleman/foreman with 20 years of daily experience, who has built over 6,000 pools and is certified by the ACI as a dry-mix nozzleman.
6) Super clean work and attention to details
(no need to repair or modify our work after we’re done)

7) We are equipped to repair pipe or move steel if necessary

8) We meter the yardage out of each truck so you only buy what you use
(no need to “order extra” like you would on a last wet mix truck or throw a truck away)

9) No material cooking and going bad in a batch truck b/c a line plugged or the truck was late (as you know, we hydrate at the nozzle).

10) We are only shooting 1 pool a day and not trying to rush off to the next job.